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Ethiopia is one of the most diverse countries in Africa with regards to culture, geography, nature and wildlife, the land of superlatives, extremities, where Simien Wolfs roam the mountains and Lammergeiers rule the skies. Dominated by the breathtaking highlands and filled with the richest historical heritage of the entire continent, Ethiopia is one of the most sought-after and enigmatic destinations in Africa. Ethiopia's 9 national parks and 4 wildlife sanctuaries are renowned for their diverse fauna and flora. The extraordinary and unique wildlife includes many endemic species: 31 mammals, 31 birds, 9 reptiles, 24 amphibians and about 1000 plants. Our tour takes us to 3 national parks and several wildlife reserves. We explore the Rift Valley lakes, the Afro-Alpine Highlands, savannahs, lush forests and deserts in search of endemic and regional endemic birds, mammals and other wildlife.

We visit Geffersa Reservoir and Jemmu Gorge around Addis for Wattled Ibis, Erlanger's Lark, Rüppell’s Chat and many more. We reach Lake Langano to see thousands of flamingos and stop at various wetlands and Lake Ziway on the way. We explore the Abiyata-Shalla National Park and Wondo Genet National Forest. We spend 2 days in the Bale Mountains National Park visiting the Sanetti Plateau in quest of Spot-breasted Plover and Rouget's Rail and Harenna Escarpment. Depending on the itinerary you chose we visit Genale River in search of Ruspoli’s Turaco and Liben Plains for Sidamo and Gillett’s Lark or we go to Sof Omar to search Narina Trogon, Salvadori's Serin, Bristle-crowned Starling. We also spend days in Yabello Wildlife Sanctuary to see Stresemann's Bush-Crow. We explore Lake Awassa and Awash National Park. On the way back to Addis if time permits we visit Fantele Crater to see Boran Cisticola. 
We organize birdwatching tours to Ethiopia 10+ years & can tailor our itineraries to your needs. All pics were made during our tours.


Tour to Ethiopia

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Highlights - Ethiopia


Endemic birds

Blue-winged Goose

Wattled Ibis

Harwood’s Francolin

Rouget’s Rail

Spot-breasted Lapwing

White-collared Pigeon

Yellow-fronted Parrot

Black-winged Lovebird

Ruspoli’s Turaco

Abyssinian Owl

Banded Barbet



Degodi Lark

Sidamo Lark

Erlanger’s Lark

White-tailed Swallow



Rüppell’s Chat



Abyssinian Catbird

White-backed Black-Tit



Thick-billed Raven

Dark-headed Oriole

White-billed Starling

Lineated Pytilia

Abyssinian Longclaw

Abyssinian Siskin



Ankober Serin

Yellow-throated Serin

Salvadori’s Serin

Near-endemic birds

Moorland Francolin

Erckel's Francolin



Heuglin's Bustard

Little Brown Bustard

White-winged Collared


Somali Bee-eater

White-cheeked Turaco



Friedmann's Lark

Collared Lark

Gillett's Lark

Abyssinian Lark

Blanford's Lark

Masked Lark

Moorland Chat

Sombre Rock-Chat

Somali Wheatear

Boran Cisticola

Brown-tailed Apalis

Short-billed Crombec

Somali Crombec

Cretzschmar's Warbler

Broad-ringed White-Eye

Scaly Chatterer

Scaly Babbler

White-rumped Babbler

Red-naped Bushshrike

Somali Sparrow

Swainson's Sparrow

Salvadori's Weaver







Black-throated Firefinch

Absyssinian Waxbill


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Our mission

Our first priority is to save habitats & species.

Secondly we would like to share our knowledge of wildlife and encourage you to participate directly or indirectly in protecting nature.

We are also working continuously on our carbon balance with developing our 23 hectares of wildlife reserve.

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