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In birding terms Mexico is a very rich country due to its geographical situation. There is a wide variety of habitats and ecosystems, which are home to a rich flora and fauna full of endemics. There are coastal dunes, mangroves, savannas, lowland and highland cloud and rain forests, deserts. Mexico is one the of main biological diversity hotspots with 1,040 different species of birds, of which many are endemic or regionally endemic shared with neighbouring Guatemala and Belize. 

The Yucatan Peninsula and the Atlantic slope of the mountains in Chiapas are among the most interesting regions in Mexico with premium birding sites and many different habitats from Caribbean beaches and mangroves through tropical rainforests to highland pine forests. The world famous Mayan archaeological sites are also very attractive destinations and can be very rewarding for birdwatchers as well. Perfect place for those who would like to enjoy Nature & Culture at the same time! No wonder we have spent more than 12 years living and guiding in this amazing area. 

Western Mexico, Puerto Vallarta & San Blas area is well known among birders because of the richness of birdlife with several amazing and localized endemic species ranging from Mexican Parrotlet through Golden-cheecked Woodpecker to San Blas Jay or Tufted Jay, just to name a few.

One of the World's best natural wonders, the migration and wintering of millions of Monarch Butterflies can be witnessed in Central Mexico. You can be part of this miracle and enjoy it with all of our senses: to see the plethora of colours, to hear wingbeats of clouds of butterflies and smell the huge pine trees covered by Monarchs. You have to witness and feel it to believe it and once you have done so, you will surely never forget it!

The State of Veracruz is another World Class birding destination. Without witnessing one of the planet's greatest natural phenomena it is hard to imagine the "Rio de Rapaces", the spectacular migration of millions of raptors at the Veracruz coastline. Although our tour is planned to coincide with the peak of autumn migration we will have time to visit pine-oak woodlands, tropical rainforests, coastal mangroves and humid forests, which give a chance to encounter the members of the bird diversity of Veracruz with over 500 species. Highlights include dozens of species of raptors, various warblers and local endemics. Abundance of migrating raptors can exceed 100thousand per day or even half million! Exciting birding, fascinating local history and culture, mouth-watering local cuisine and breathtaking scenery guarantees a really enjoyable and unforgettable "birding holiday cocktail" with us in Mexico! Please see Trip Reports and Tours to Mexico below the picture gallery.


Tours to Mexico

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